Welcome to my Blog!

This is my very first attempt at writing a blog. For many years I collected stories, thoughts and learnings and this year, I decided to – step by step – share my learnings publicly. You can take them as inspiration, they might be food for thought, you might neglect them. This is totally up to you! Maybe it encourages you, to write your own blog? Whatever it is, if my experiences only help one person in this world, I will be grateful.

So why on earth did I choose EarlyFrog.com?

A story inspired me. I believe it was Randy Pausch in one of his last lectures, who mentioned the EarlyFrog as part of the time-management. If you need to eat a frog anyways, don’t look at it, just choose the biggest one and get over with it first thing in the morning.

Early Frog is a metaphor for big projects and the “difficult” things we all too often prefer to postpone until the last minute. I will get to this in more detail in one of my later blog-posts and what I did to manage my time more effectively – not to just be effective, no, but to live my life with more happiness and free.

With this, I wish you a warm welcome to this growing resource of my personal best practices as well as experiences and thoughts.

Wishing you all the best for your adventure in life!




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