Je me sens inspiré and other distractions

‘Elisa’s Theme’ by Alexandre Desplat is the song today, that inspired me. Inspired me to remember the basic French I had in my mind. Well, as a matter of fact, I only remembered the words I and me.. So, I actually had to Google “I feel inspired in French” =) – But hey, it’s a start!

If you listen to the song yourself, you’ll understand what I mean. I wonder if it had inspired you as well?

Today is Sunday and I am visiting my parent’s place, sitting in their living room, listening to this song, while watching the green Charlie and the blue Pauli (budgies, if you wondered… :)), bubbling along or flying above my head.

These days, I sometimes I wake up thinking: Hurray, finally spring! Other days, I wake up and hear myself looking out of window: “Hurray, it’s snowing”. It’s quite a funny start into 2018, isn’t it?

I have to admit, that I get easily distracted when I am not sitting somewhere with my head-phones on. Especially when I write about “inspiration”. My inspiration went like this: Nice song –> What’s inspiration in French? –> Let’s write a new blog-post, I feel inspired –> oh, someone with “Sustainability” followed me, oh my, we have so much in common! –> Industry 4.0 –> research –> Industry 4.0 –> Triple-Bottom-Line –> Share (LinkedIn, Twitter) –> Connect –> work for my  customers –> Oh ups, 1 hour has passed! –> Back to my blogpost.

Ever felt the same like me?

So truth to be told: One thing, is to feel the moment of inspiration, the other thing is, to channel that positive flow of energy and spark in a coordinated direction. That is, if you want to produce something.

For now, I leave you off, starting your Monday with the question: Ce qui t’a inspiré récemment? (What has inspired you recently?)



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